How a talk with my wife, helped me Rethink on Road Rage

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The Incident:

While returning Home from Ghodbunder Rd in Thane, I saw a driver of a white Toyota Urban Cruiser, constantly flashing pass-light and tailgating everyone on the road behind us. Twice he came too close to hitting a motorcycle rider, in an attempt to make him move aside. The first thought that hit me was trying to keep out of his way. But, unfortunately, the road had quite dense traffic to move around freely. He ended up behind me at the signal. Even when standing at the signal he flashed pass-light twice. To indicate there is no space, I signaled by my showing the stop signal using my hand. However, he was still at it and tried to tailgate me when the signal turned green.

Much to my horror, that fool overshot his braking and narrowly missed our car while trying to overtake. That is when I got a bit angry. I slowed down my car enough to create a quick getaway gap and made sure he was sandwiched between us and a slow-moving rickshaw beside us. I showed him my displeasure using my hand and did a stare-down when I finally got enough space to let him pass safely.

The Talk:

My wife was not happy about it. We had a slight heated (well, married people may understand better) talk regarding what had happened. During that conversation, I remembered an incident from way back in my college days. A young rider, who looked hardly 18 years old, was cutting lanes and passing other vehicles in an unsafe manner. He tried to do the same with me, but I was in a middle of an overtake myself, so he tried to stay close to my bike and kept swerving side to side. as I was about to pass, the front tire of the truck exploded and he lost control. I was able to quickly get out of harm's way, but the boy behind me was caught unprepared. The lad was crushed beneath the truck and passed away on the spot. Had I not been aware of my surroundings at that very moment, it could have been me as well. It made me realize why a calm mind is necessary when behind the wheel (or riding). I kind of took a promise not to lose cool again, no matter what.

Road Rage:

Road rage can escalate quickly. It is always a good idea to not get involved in road rage and to remain calm on the roads. Road rage is something that can strike anyone, at any time. It’s critical to have a cool head while driving/riding anywhere, more so on our chaotic Indian roads.

Tips to ensure that you don’t get into a road rage incident:

  • Stay within the speed limit.

  • Signal at the appropriate times while changing lanes.

  • Use your rear view mirrors.

  • Give enough allowance for others’ mistakes or aggressive behavior.

Some things to Remember:

Despite your best attempts at a smooth drive, there can be others who are overly aggressive. Symptoms of such aggressive drivers include excessive honking, constantly flashing the pass-light, tailgating, gesticulating and swearing, weaving between lanes or straddling lanes, and speeding up suddenly and braking sharply.

The best thing to do in such situations is to just let such crazy drivers go and hope karma catches up with them. They are not worth your time and blood pressure, trying to teach them a lesson or challenge them.

Divert your mind, think of your friends and family perhaps to quickly calm your nerves.

Promise yourself that you will stay calm, No Matter What!!!

Stay Safe, Stay Strong. This is PSN Jr. signing off.

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